Jenny toomey tour
Tour Diary from Jenny Toomey's Fall Tour Oct 8th-Nov 17th 2001


What is a tour anyway!?
Isn't life a tour?
Only someone who hasn't been on tour would say something so stupid.

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Philly 1 Nov 2003 (Jean Cook at the Mic)
I meet Franklin in New York and we take the Chinatown Bus to philly. On the
bus, they show Shanghai Noon up to the point where Lucy Liu tells them she
doesn't want to go back to China. In Philly, we walk around and I get some
mandarin orange juice and bitter green tea across the street from the
firehouse. They have the biggest pocky packages I've ever seen, but I don't
get one. There's a rock band set up right on the firehouse lawn and they
sing red hot chili peppers covers for tips and a man dances. We decide to
walk to the club from there, which takes a while. It's dark and quiet
outside. When we get close, Jenny and Michael drive up and give us a ride
the rest of the way. They're drinking pomogranate juice.
In the alley next to the club you can see Psycho with Tony Perkins projected
onto the wall. It's a nice night so we sit at the round plastic table
outside the club and eat expensive mexican take out. After Psycho they show
Night of the Living Dead, and right next to it you can see Minority Report
projected without sound. There is something else projected next to Living
Dead too but it's out of focus. It doesn't ever change and I suspect it's
an ad. There are a few kids who want to see the show but someone tells them
to go away cause they're under 21. Then the people from the club change
their minds and try and find the kids but they're gone. We play the worst
show ever.

Jean stares up at a very pale psycho victim.

Mike and Franklin watching the flicks before lonely rocking.

Our potential audience falls to the seduction of cinema.

Jean Claw

Wow Pumpkin

The lonely rockers.

The murderous cornstalk.

Brian fills out the audience with dummies.

Dorothy and Jim shine in the spotlight.

Winky Deadguy

(Jenny at the Mic)
Afterwards Brian and Franklin and I walked from Kristin's house to the mythic land of the cheese steak wars. Jenny broke the rules by mistakenly touching the fries of another. We are not welcome there again.


Steak Window

Franklinsteak..."Hmmm ahh want cheese steak"



we liberated this crab.

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Athens 29 Oct 2003 (Jean Cook on the Mic)
Jenny got up early and let the dogs out. Franklin bought a shaker egg.
Michael learned smell and unclaimed in the van. We got stuck in rush hour
traffic near Atlanta. Franklin was driving. I think this is when we
listened to Stark Reality Now! (maybe Franklin will explain about Stark
Reality Now?) Pierre was moving so we got a room at the days inn instead of
staying at his house. Dinner was at Grit. We got a pudding cake, choco
pecan pie and berry crisp for dessert. This is the day we figure out how to
pack the van. The Bet opens at Nuci's space. Backstage I crawl into MZ's
piano case and Franklin shuts me in and we surprise Jenny. Then Jenny
crawls into the piano case but we don't shut it. It's a big case. At the
show, we unexpectedly played Masonic eye. There was a thrift store a few
blocks away from the hotel that opened at nine a.m. The one right next door
to it opened at ten. We told Jenny about it. The next morning she went but
said they didn't have much.

At Nuci's space you can rock out and see a doctor for 10 bucks.

This makes Jenny feel healthy.

We decided to join Curves as a band to prove it.

Jenny has always felt a kinship to Curves.

Did they design this logo on a napkin?

Jean is flexible.

but then we let her out.

We tried to apply the nutrition information we learned from Curves.

We combined the 4 essential cake groups....

with the four essential soda groups.

Afterwards we relaxed.

Grit makes delicious cakes but they aren't so good at math.


This was the actual message left in the Nuci practice space.
We like them a lot.

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NASHVILLE (Jean at the Mic)

Nashville 28 Oct 2003
I love touring. it's like yr in the pulsing veins of the rock and roll
body. - said an anonymous rocker

At Jonathan Marx's house we watched Conan O'Brien and David Byrne's show both featuring Vic Chestnutt and Lambchop. Jenny worked all day. The End had a wall of fame, and the bouncer was lifting weights in a fenced in courtyard
next to the club entrance. We had japanese food at a korean run sushi place
on the same street and met David Berman, who had been awake for twenty four
hours and had written two poems that day. He gave us a book and Franklin
got a personalized pink t shirt that says Welcome To Nashville on one side
and F.BR UNO on the back. Jenny had wasabe again; Franklin noted we were
eating especially well on this tour. We went to the david lynch bar after
the show to meet with Berman, Cassie and Patty and some other friends. Fox
Mulder was on TV and there were mirrored walls.

Backwards swastikas
on the new construction site
because I'm a jew

-a Haiku Franklin wrote about our time with Berman

The End of Jenny Toomey?

The rock wall at the club...

Put Jewel next to Mike Watt

Next day I had beautifully a constructed latte from a christian coffee house.
Truly this is the lord's work.

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KENTUCKY (Jean on the Mic)
We forgot to get paid in St. Louis. Fruit Bat and Iron and Wine had our money when we pulled up to the club. During sound check Franklin and I learn MZ's 'this is a beautiful town'. We order dinner at a karaoke bar around the corner. They had fancy food. Before they started karaoke the TV showed a movie about a guy trying to save a girl who was in a cage. She was handcuffed to a green
hand that wouldn't let her go anywhere. There was no sound. After the
movie, we listened to them singing 'could you would you be my baby tonight'.
We got our food to go. Jenny had wasabe again. Back at the club we tried to
take our picture in a photo booth. I make cranes at the merch table, and
Jenny makes one come out of her mouth. Jenny still has a cough. We drove
back to Mick's house to sleep. His toilet is decorated with day glo hula
designs and real shells.

We woke up early and drank juice, waiting for Mick to come home from his
girlfriend's house. Franklin finds a guitar and sings me a song about
Francois Mitterand. I learned to play hey good lookin on baritone ukelele
and we jumped on the trampoline. We had barbecue for breakfast and listened
to Gary Numan and Stevie Wonder on the way to Nashville. It rained.

Jean and Franklin look good on a Kentucky couch.

There was a dome in Mick's backyard.

We congregated here to pull the engergy of the universe into our tour.

The Ukelele helped focus the vibes.

Things started to get a bit dangerous.

Eventually we did the right thing and left for breakfast.

With BBQ this delicious it is sort of like religion.

So why not make a stained glass pig?

They even served us deep fried pickel chips.

Thanks Mick. You are a super host and you look cute with tomatoes.
See you next time.

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St. Louis 26 Oct 2003 (Jean on the Mic)
Elliot Smith stabbed himself in the heart. CMJ Week was just ending when I
left NY. Franklin and Michael were driving the van from the west coast.
Jenny and I flew in early and visited the Smoothie King and then went
shopping for a jacket and sweater or something warm. It was cold! I got a
Cecil Taylor record at the record store with a marquee. Down the street
they're playing Mystic River at the movie theater but Jenny and I don't go.
We walk back up the street and stopped at a whore store to look for sweaters
(A whore store is a store where the clothes only fit 12-16 year olds and whores);

I finally get a jacket at Rag O Rama. Since we still had some time we got sushi for dinner across the street from blueberry hill. The wasabe is good for Jenny's cold. Beatle Bob was at the show. Fruit Bats and Iron and Wine also played. We split a set with MZ. That night we slept in a loft with only a little furniture in it
and broken glass in the bathroom. I fall asleep right away. MZ wakes me up
to give me earplugs.

Jenny of a Generation at the cool record store.

They had some early Simple Machines releases for resale with nice reviews.

Jean met her friend David.

Then we all went to Beer school.

Franklin also took us to winking school.

Jenny wasn't so good at it.

But Jean picked things right up.

We woke up early and Jenny worked on her other tour. Franklin found a
guitar and we sang through monstor and just because its dying and some other
songs. It was nice and quiet. When MZ woke up we went downtown for
breakfast, and he went to get the brakes looked at. First stop was smoothie
king, then Franklin and I did the crossword at Starbucks while Jenny worked.
Down the street the independent coffeeshop selling sandwiches smelled really
good. We visited the good bookstore and Franklin got four books. MZ showed
up and we left St. Louis. At a gas station somewhere in Missouri they had a
full hard liquor section, where you could get flask sized gin. While
gassing up in Indiana there was X Files pinball. I ask Franklin to yell
when he sees a mailbox. He and Jenny listen to the Mekons.

You can buy a pretty loft in St Louis for not so much cash.

Then you can take macho rocker photos.

Who you lookin' at?

We left that town on fire for the Jenny Toomey Michael Zapruder experience.

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Lazy Eye

Lord Franklin

The Motor City Violinist

A seed of rock's new beginning.

Won't you please come visit us on our tour?

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pixel jenny

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Mini tour…

First show was in Philly at The Fire.
Kevin and I drove northward in convoy with Amy through 5 hours of traffic with no air conditioning. We did our best to keep it cool with Niko Case, Rickie Dillard, Jill Scott and Robert Bear Jr. on the (soon to be stolen) CD player.

We met Franklin at Kristin’s house, practiced in the sweltering living room, packed up and loaded into the pleasant neighbor hood bar. Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal at the upscale restaurant next door… (I suppose Kevin and I should have asked how much the twenty-two dollar special was before we had already eaten it?)

Back in the bar I settled into a side-table to try to catch up on some Future of Music business that had accumulated during the day. Much to my chagrin there was a spectacularly drunk fella stumbling about continually hassling me about “This not being school!!” He also tried to dance with me a bit.

I told him to ”get off!”…first nicely…then less so.
He backed off for a while but then he touched my computer. Of course THEN…he had to be thrown out. After a stern talking to from the bartender he came over to within an inch of my face and screamed “BYE!” and then (almost crying) slammed the door behind him. I felt better when the bartender told me he’d been thrown out the previous evening as well.

Once the work was done I perfected my new eyeball portrait technique. (Oooooh Flashy!)





Chris Lee played a nice set, as did the Mendoza Line. We played last. Since we had Kevin and Franklin we did a bunch of songs from Tempting. There was one moment in the middle of “Inarticulate Boyfriend” where Kevin made a fart sound with his trumpet that stopped the song in its tracks. I don’t remember much else besides the awkward feeling I get singing Franklin songs and not knowing what to do with my arms. Maybe when we tour the record I’ll use those songs as an opportunity to catch up on my knitting.

This was upstairs above the bar.
Mustard and bran? Anyone know about the origins of this condiment?

Afterwards it was off to Kristin’s house for a comfy floor and a blaring fan.

Next Morning…Philly

Brian and Kristin are opening a restaurant around the corner…we got the insider tour.
We saw the saloon doors

Howdy Partner

Howdy yourself!

these are pieces of a two hundred year old bar that they bought on ebay

Ghostly images on my digital camera…is the restaurant haunted?

When they bought the building they got the grease from the grease trap for free!

In the back there are live fig trees! I love everything fig!

Kevin doesn’t eat figs but he looks good next to them.

Then we went to the incredible Italian Market that is just a few blocks from “DelBocavista” which is Kristin’s house.

You can’t beat a lifestyle where you live near several “all cheese” shops.
It doesn’t get much better…

Italian Market

unless of course they are also named after you.

Village Underground…Underwater

We high-tailed it to NYC to drop off the equipment and explore the city.

Does Franklin Dare?

The boys disappeared into The Village…and I ran uptown for an FMC meeting but first they snapped this shot of me standing in front of this enormous digital mobile shoe ad.

Dr. J (T)

When I stepped out of the meeting it was headfirst into monsoon rain. I jogged a block and was soaked through beyond care. I considered walking downtown through the downpour. For a while I followed an eccentric drug-addled and actorly fella that looked remarkably like Benicio Del Toro. He was wearing a robin’s egg, blue wool suit with a high vest and he was trying desperately to keep his cigarette dry in the downpour. He got two or three drags before flicking it to the ground.

I followed him down a couple blocks and then turned into the subway… The rain flooded the steps and the tunnel, which was so cramped with people I wondered if we were experiencing some sort of terrorist attack.

Back in the Village, I escaped the subway and found a few minutes of shelter in a store that instantly closed due to flooding sending me back out into the storm. By the time I got to the Village Underground twenty minutes later there was a half a foot of water on the floor and talk of a canceled show.

The Mendoza Line had saved the gear by stacking it up on high ground…we then escaped for pizza. I later checked my email at an odd black-light and relaxing pleather sofa-filled Chinese-restaurant/internet café to check my mail.

Once I got past the Firemen who were blocking the street for fear of manhole explosions I made my way to the club for a glass of fizzy cake (Vanilla Stoli, Club Soda and a Cherry). The show was great. We didn’t’ have Amy but we got Jean. There were half a dozen monitors up around the club with allowed me the disturbing opportunity to watch myself sing.

Kevin left to take the train home and Franklin and I escaped back to Jean’s to sleep in Brooklyn.


It was an early morning for the Toomey Trinity. The remaining members of the Band
had big plans.

Geoff Farina and Jodi Bonano bought an old grange house with no pluming in Rhode Island and turned it into a functioning art colony. In residence for the summer were my old housemate Photographer Pat Graham and his Photographer wife… Melanie Standage. (who is also a web genius ) They were working on this show…
And here’s an interview with them
For more info on the Grange project you can go to

What you need to know is that they have the coolest bathtub I have ever seen.

Once you’ve nestled up against warm copper you won’t go back to porcelain.

After the tour of the music studio and the painting studio and the photography studio we made a b-line to the beach

Puff Jodi


Melanie was dancing in the water

So was I

Then Jodi got into it

I can’t say much about Boston. We played a big show we had a lot of fun. We ate liquid garlic and I took these photos of the cook sisters.


By the time we got to DC we were quite tired,
(It’s about a nine-hour drive to DC from Boston)

Heather came to see us.

I think Franklin sums it up here best.

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July 12/13 Chicago with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts

On the sunniest mildest day imaginable The Pine Valley Cosmonauts Stormed the park across the street from the Old Town School of Folk Music to celebrate the glorious weather by singing through songs of death and murder. There were 15 solo singers if there was one...Highlights included the Rockabilly Filly Rosie Flores, Deano from the Wacos, Janet Bean of Freakwater, Lonesome Edith Frost, Diane Izzo, Rick Sherry of Devil in a Woodpile, Sally Timms, Paul Burch, Rebecca Gates, Kelly Hogan and more.
I got to sing Cole Porter's incredible "Miss Otis Regrets" and at the end there was a star-studded sing-a-long where I fulfilled rockin’ fantasies by screaming the chorus of "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" into a shared microphone with Rebecca Gates, Kelly Hogan and Lonesome Bob!

Jean Cook listened to the record once and managed to play through the entire set without making one mistake...

Early failings not withstanding…I suspect that Senor Langford will have no trouble remembering her name in the future.

This was such a whirlwind event I didn't think to take more photos than this one.
Hello Edith Frost!
Drop Zone indeed.

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