What I like about San Francisco

This could be your ride to work.

This could be your favorite meal.

(10 scoops of ice cream for about 6 bucks including cantalope, chocolate, hazelnut, pistacio, coconut, guava and others I will now only remember in my dreams.)

This could be your generous friend who showed you around.

Afterwards you can visit the entire Punk Planet Fanzine Archive at the Prelinger Archive.

(This place smells exactly like my favorite library.)

If you can’t go there in person (which I recommend you try to do) you can watch some of their films on line.

Later you can soak for hours in Japanese baths…but you can’t take pictures of all the naked ladies so…

instead you take pictures of the photo booth in the same mall as the baths.


Best of all…you can walk into a coffee shop looking like this and feel right at home.

Power to the People of SF.


  1. drdkdover said,

    July 3, 2006 @ 11:10 am

    I think I could get lost in those Stacks and Racks…. Both at the Archive and the Japanese Baths……. :)

    Photoblogging…… That’s Ten THousand Words plus, Willy Wonka Style and all…. Pretty cool, I need to get to SF, I think I love that town, but have never been…….

    Rock On!
    Happy Fourth!!!!

  2. jed said,

    September 6, 2006 @ 8:02 am

    wow. i left my fair fair city a couple days after you posted this……..and started a whirlwind cross-country jaunt, ending with me trapped in new haven and starting class today (!!) for the first time in nigh on a decade.
    bittersweet to find this post now. oh city.
    thinking about a move?

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