Philly 1 Nov 2003 (Jean Cook at the Mic)
I meet Franklin in New York and we take the Chinatown Bus to philly. On the
bus, they show Shanghai Noon up to the point where Lucy Liu tells them she
doesn’t want to go back to China. In Philly, we walk around and I get some
mandarin orange juice and bitter green tea across the street from the
firehouse. They have the biggest pocky packages I’ve ever seen, but I don’t
get one. There’s a rock band set up right on the firehouse lawn and they
sing red hot chili peppers covers for tips and a man dances. We decide to
walk to the club from there, which takes a while. It’s dark and quiet
outside. When we get close, Jenny and Michael drive up and give us a ride
the rest of the way. They’re drinking pomogranate juice.
In the alley next to the club you can see Psycho with Tony Perkins projected
onto the wall. It’s a nice night so we sit at the round plastic table
outside the club and eat expensive mexican take out. After Psycho they show
Night of the Living Dead, and right next to it you can see Minority Report
projected without sound. There is something else projected next to Living
Dead too but it’s out of focus. It doesn’t ever change and I suspect it’s
an ad. There are a few kids who want to see the show but someone tells them
to go away cause they’re under 21. Then the people from the club change
their minds and try and find the kids but they’re gone. We play the worst
show ever.

Jean stares up at a very pale psycho victim.

Mike and Franklin watching the flicks before lonely rocking.

Our potential audience falls to the seduction of cinema.

Jean Claw

Wow Pumpkin

The lonely rockers.

The murderous cornstalk.

Brian fills out the audience with dummies.

Dorothy and Jim shine in the spotlight.

Winky Deadguy

(Jenny at the Mic)
Afterwards Brian and Franklin and I walked from Kristin’s house to the mythic land of the cheese steak wars. Jenny broke the rules by mistakenly touching the fries of another. We are not welcome there again.


Steak Window

Franklinsteak…”Hmmm ahh want cheese steak”



we liberated this crab.

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