Athens 29 Oct 2003 (Jean Cook on the Mic)
Jenny got up early and let the dogs out. Franklin bought a shaker egg.
Michael learned smell and unclaimed in the van. We got stuck in rush hour
traffic near Atlanta. Franklin was driving. I think this is when we
listened to Stark Reality Now! (maybe Franklin will explain about Stark
Reality Now?) Pierre was moving so we got a room at the days inn instead of
staying at his house. Dinner was at Grit. We got a pudding cake, choco
pecan pie and berry crisp for dessert. This is the day we figure out how to
pack the van. The Bet opens at Nuci’s space. Backstage I crawl into MZ’s
piano case and Franklin shuts me in and we surprise Jenny. Then Jenny
crawls into the piano case but we don’t shut it. It’s a big case. At the
show, we unexpectedly played Masonic eye. There was a thrift store a few
blocks away from the hotel that opened at nine a.m. The one right next door
to it opened at ten. We told Jenny about it. The next morning she went but
said they didn’t have much.

At Nuci’s space you can rock out and see a doctor for 10 bucks.

This makes Jenny feel healthy.

We decided to join Curves as a band to prove it.

Jenny has always felt a kinship to Curves.

Did they design this logo on a napkin?

Jean is flexible.

but then we let her out.

We tried to apply the nutrition information we learned from Curves.

We combined the 4 essential cake groups….

with the four essential soda groups.

Afterwards we relaxed.

Grit makes delicious cakes but they aren’t so good at math.


This was the actual message left in the Nuci practice space.
We like them a lot.

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