NASHVILLE (Jean at the Mic)

Nashville 28 Oct 2003
I love touring. it’s like yr in the pulsing veins of the rock and roll
body. - said an anonymous rocker

At Jonathan Marx’s house we watched Conan O’Brien and David Byrne’s show both featuring Vic Chestnutt and Lambchop. Jenny worked all day. The End had a wall of fame, and the bouncer was lifting weights in a fenced in courtyard
next to the club entrance. We had japanese food at a korean run sushi place
on the same street and met David Berman, who had been awake for twenty four
hours and had written two poems that day. He gave us a book and Franklin
got a personalized pink t shirt that says Welcome To Nashville on one side
and F.BR UNO on the back. Jenny had wasabe again; Franklin noted we were
eating especially well on this tour. We went to the david lynch bar after
the show to meet with Berman, Cassie and Patty and some other friends. Fox
Mulder was on TV and there were mirrored walls.

Backwards swastikas
on the new construction site
because I’m a jew

-a Haiku Franklin wrote about our time with Berman

The End of Jenny Toomey?

The rock wall at the club…

Put Jewel next to Mike Watt

Next day I had beautifully a constructed latte from a christian coffee house.
Truly this is the lord’s work.

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