KENTUCKY (Jean on the Mic)
We forgot to get paid in St. Louis. Fruit Bat and Iron and Wine had our money when we pulled up to the club. During sound check Franklin and I learn MZ’s ‘this is a beautiful town’. We order dinner at a karaoke bar around the corner. They had fancy food. Before they started karaoke the TV showed a movie about a guy trying to save a girl who was in a cage. She was handcuffed to a green
hand that wouldn’t let her go anywhere. There was no sound. After the
movie, we listened to them singing ‘could you would you be my baby tonight’.
We got our food to go. Jenny had wasabe again. Back at the club we tried to
take our picture in a photo booth. I make cranes at the merch table, and
Jenny makes one come out of her mouth. Jenny still has a cough. We drove
back to Mick’s house to sleep. His toilet is decorated with day glo hula
designs and real shells.

We woke up early and drank juice, waiting for Mick to come home from his
girlfriend’s house. Franklin finds a guitar and sings me a song about
Francois Mitterand. I learned to play hey good lookin on baritone ukelele
and we jumped on the trampoline. We had barbecue for breakfast and listened
to Gary Numan and Stevie Wonder on the way to Nashville. It rained.

Jean and Franklin look good on a Kentucky couch.

There was a dome in Mick’s backyard.

We congregated here to pull the engergy of the universe into our tour.

The Ukelele helped focus the vibes.

Things started to get a bit dangerous.

Eventually we did the right thing and left for breakfast.

With BBQ this delicious it is sort of like religion.

So why not make a stained glass pig?

They even served us deep fried pickel chips.

Thanks Mick. You are a super host and you look cute with tomatoes.
See you next time.

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