St. Louis 26 Oct 2003 (Jean on the Mic)
Elliot Smith stabbed himself in the heart. CMJ Week was just ending when I
left NY. Franklin and Michael were driving the van from the west coast.
Jenny and I flew in early and visited the Smoothie King and then went
shopping for a jacket and sweater or something warm. It was cold! I got a
Cecil Taylor record at the record store with a marquee. Down the street
they’re playing Mystic River at the movie theater but Jenny and I don’t go.
We walk back up the street and stopped at a whore store to look for sweaters
(A whore store is a store where the clothes only fit 12-16 year olds and whores);

I finally get a jacket at Rag O Rama. Since we still had some time we got sushi for dinner across the street from blueberry hill. The wasabe is good for Jenny’s cold. Beatle Bob was at the show. Fruit Bats and Iron and Wine also played. We split a set with MZ. That night we slept in a loft with only a little furniture in it
and broken glass in the bathroom. I fall asleep right away. MZ wakes me up
to give me earplugs.

Jenny of a Generation at the cool record store.

They had some early Simple Machines releases for resale with nice reviews.

Jean met her friend David.

Then we all went to Beer school.

Franklin also took us to winking school.

Jenny wasn’t so good at it.

But Jean picked things right up.

We woke up early and Jenny worked on her other tour. Franklin found a
guitar and we sang through monstor and just because its dying and some other
songs. It was nice and quiet. When MZ woke up we went downtown for
breakfast, and he went to get the brakes looked at. First stop was smoothie
king, then Franklin and I did the crossword at Starbucks while Jenny worked.
Down the street the independent coffeeshop selling sandwiches smelled really
good. We visited the good bookstore and Franklin got four books. MZ showed
up and we left St. Louis. At a gas station somewhere in Missouri they had a
full hard liquor section, where you could get flask sized gin. While
gassing up in Indiana there was X Files pinball. I ask Franklin to yell
when he sees a mailbox. He and Jenny listen to the Mekons.

You can buy a pretty loft in St Louis for not so much cash.

Then you can take macho rocker photos.

Who you lookin’ at?

We left that town on fire for the Jenny Toomey Michael Zapruder experience.

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