July 12/13 Chicago with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts

On the sunniest mildest day imaginable The Pine Valley Cosmonauts Stormed the park across the street from the Old Town School of Folk Music to celebrate the glorious weather by singing through songs of death and murder. There were 15 solo singers if there was one…Highlights included the Rockabilly Filly Rosie Flores, Deano from the Wacos, Janet Bean of Freakwater, Lonesome Edith Frost, Diane Izzo, Rick Sherry of Devil in a Woodpile, Sally Timms, Paul Burch, Rebecca Gates, Kelly Hogan and more.
I got to sing Cole Porter’s incredible “Miss Otis Regrets” and at the end there was a star-studded sing-a-long where I fulfilled rockin� fantasies by screaming the chorus of “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” into a shared microphone with Rebecca Gates, Kelly Hogan and Lonesome Bob!

Jean Cook listened to the record once and managed to play through the entire set without making one mistake…

Early failings not withstanding�I suspect that Senor Langford will have no trouble remembering her name in the future.

This was such a whirlwind event I didn’t think to take more photos than this one.
Hello Edith Frost!
Drop Zone indeed.

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