November 4th and 5th The Circle Bar New Orleans

There was a time when I could eat oysters.
Documented here.
Twice since this photo was taken I spent the night returning all oysters consumed through plumbing back to the sea from whence they came.




Our gracious host…Picumentos

tour haikus by Franklin

From a common pot,
rice and beans–welcome to our
tour, Andrew Webster


In the birthplace of
jazz, I scarf oysters and buy
rare new wave singles

Nov 6th…Athens Georgia Nuci’s Space

tour haikus by Franklin

Athens–doctors give
cheap advice to musicians,
which is so punk rock

Kerickie is cruel
but ‘Buffy: The Musical’
is quite well-written

Nov 7th Atlanta GA, The Shitty Club with the drunken Owner

Andrew next to a character with more brains than the Atlanta club owner.
This is what I think of rock clubs in Atlanta.

tour haikus by Franklin

leaves and nations fall
but some things stand firm–a drunk
club owner won’t pay


we leave our host’s door
open this morning; cat lost
in Little Five Points


Jenny gets a call
from Ira Glass–we are all
pretty damn impressed

Driving Day

Alabama: free
jazz on late nite radio?
Sun Ra was born here


to some, Taco Bell
can be as comforting as
a mother’s kitchen

Nov 8th Carboro North Carolina

tour haikus by Franklin

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
once our bands were famous here
have kids changed, or us?


The Ivory Coast
are quite loud and like Mission
of Burma, a lot

Nov 9th Durham North Carolina, Duke University

I was asked to speak at one of the best conferences I have ever attended.
It was focused on the Public Commons and sponsored by the Center for the Public Domain. For two days I walked around in a cowboy hat taking furious notes while surrounded by a who’s who of international smarty pants academics and a tenacious omni-present Japanese film crew.
Franklin and Andrew stayed behind to bask in the knowledge (and when the conference wasn’t happening…the BBQ) while the rest of my band beat a swift retreat home to girlfriends and home-life.

You can watch the panels here.


Highlights include:
From Anarchist Software to Peer 2 Peer Culture: The Public Domain in Bandwidth, Software and Content.

Creativity, Appropriation, Culture and The Public Domain
was pretty great.
Mark from Negativeland really took this one over.

My panel…Public Domain Activism
was a little over-booked but it’s fun to watch if you are interested in seeing me look intimidated.
This was really a world series type event.

tour haiku by Franklin
Conference at Duke
academics leaning left
like Carrboro trees


Soft beds, good bourbon
and a pheasant in the yard:
That’s the Maiolos.

Nov 11th,Baltimore MD, Otto Bar

tour haikus by Franklin

Faint in memory
as a sparrow’s tracks on snow:
Our Ottobar show.

Nov 13th Hoboken, NJ, Maxwell’s

tour haikus by Franklin

Hoboken–oh where
are you, Individuals,
Bongos, and dBs?


screaming Jacques Brel’s “Next,”
The Centimeters outrock
our sorry asses

Nov 14th, NY, NY Knitting Factory with Lester Chambers

powerpoint in dark
rock club presages fall of


tour haiku by Franklin
Lester Chambers sings
about heaven–I almost
believe he’s been there

Nov 15th Philadelphia, PA, Khyber Pass

tour haikus by Franklin

Jay’s birthday. I spend
most of it alone, moody.
Here comes David Grubbs!

Nov 16th Washington, DC Black Cat
tour haiku by Franklin

Black Cat: Jenny is
a hometown hero, but I
screw up my own songs

Post tour haikus by Franklin

Stopover in Chi:
Jazz & Blues Record Mart sings
to my debit card


Amtrak to Utah.
Hello, Bree. Remember me?
Luckily, she does.


Touring: Dreaming of
a normal life. Normal life:
Dreaming of a tour.

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