Jean�s New Orleans LA - Circle Bar

We were so happy to leave Texas. I started making jewelry for everyone. “You’re the last crazy fuck inside of me” for Jenny, “his car is not a joke/fed up with the force fed” for me, and “or I will eat your souls” for Amy. Later I started making some for Kristin (Cran you Trake me Higher), Jay (Frall onta Mray), and Franklin (He doesn’t beat you he doesn’t treat you as cruel as the people that you dated in school - Jenny suggested it). (Kristin and Jay’s are a reference to an article about yarling everyone apparently read in Portland while I was away.

(Editor�s note�do a google search for Jack Endino and Yarling�this article is so funny it will make you pee!)

Since I rejoined the band in Portland, they’d been singing the Creed/Stone Temple Pilots style, and I think it was in Texas that we started singing Jenny’s songs in the van in this way. At some point Franklin and Jay decided that “F(r)all onto Me” could be a great metal song. I think this was a little after Franklin’s conclusion that there could be direct correlations made between the Jenny Toomey band and the Scooby gang.)

Anyway, back in New Orleans, there was a tiger truck stop where people could go buy gas and stare at four full grown caged tigers and one baby cub. It was so weird. We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast in the French quarter. Andrew (the tour documentarian) met us there. Once we were all assembled, we headed out to Circle Bar. Map quest sent us to the wrong address and in finding our way back we drove past this great crowded cemetery twice. Anthony the promoter made us dinner - Cajun red beans and rice and peas. And he had a toy piano. We had some more Quiet Time at his house, then went over to the club with his toy piano and got ready for our set. change without notice.

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