Jean�s Houston TX - Rudyards

We had Quiet Time during breakfast. I looked out the window at the clouds and the sky and ate my sandwich. Franklin and I shared corn pancakes. We went out shopping a little. I got to look at the fancy expensive antique shops, and a really big costume store. Then I headed back to the van for a nap. It’s hot outside, but breezy. It’s nice to be out of the sun. I think it’s on the way to Houston that we stop at a gas station and I scare Jenny by sneaking up on her. She hits me with her hat hard, and it drops on the floor. Everyone in the store stares at us.

jenny with weapon

At the club they have Photo Hunt, a brand new one. We managed 7 high scores, including the top one. Upstairs, where the music is, there are two pool tables and a large screen TV. The bathroom has a funny poster for our show. I wish I remembered what it said. The bartenders are super nice and gave everyone lots of tequila. During our set someone walked in with a Chihuahua and Jenny forgot the words to “Decoy”. Since it was Kristin’s last show with us for a while we sang her happy birthday.

Loading out, we dodged the darts players downstairs. It was past two, but the patrons didn’t leave the club. Jenny and Jay stayed inside and played pinball. We stayed at the stinky dirty bloodstained beds hotel in Houston. Kristin left us in the middle of the night to go back to Philly.

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