Jean�s Austin TX - Emo’s

Jay got to watch the basketball game at the place he and Amy and I ate dinner. I forget whom the Wizards were playing, but he was happy. I bought some stuff at a shop across the street from the club, and paid with a guitar pick instead of 28 cents change I owed the guy (Editor�s note� hmmm was that Jenny�s guitar pick!!!!).

Jenny and Kristin were coming down separate because they had a speech that afternoon. Back at the club, we settle down and play about 20 rounds of photo hunt and get some high scores. The Yankees were still playing the Diamondbacks. The TVs above the bar were broadcasting the game and there were just as many people watching the game as were watching the band. We went on after the game was over, and Kristin brought out hand. Jenny made people dance with hand during our set, which they were pleased to do. Apparently later, Kristin was moshing as hamburger helper during Those Peabodys, who rocked.

During load in and load out we had an obscene Tenacious D song stuck in our head. We sang it all night, and then we listened to it in the van after the show on the way to bed. This was the start of the Tenacious D obsession, at least for me.

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