Jean�s Denton TX - Rubber Glove

It’s Halloween.

We have breakfast at the family restaurant recommended by the waitress at the fast food Mexican place last night. It had people in clown suits and other festive wear already at 11 in the morning. Odessa’s NPR/classical station was cool. They let me request the Schubert double cello quintet, which I stayed in the van to listen to when we stopped in the Odessa thrift store parking lot.

We went to Hobby Lobby to get more stuff for our costumes. We get oversized safety pins, fake leaves, lots of foam, glue, exploding confetti poppers. During the drive to Denton we stop at a gas station and I finally find some no nonsense pantyhose. I think this is also the same gas station where we run into the lady with the big white truck. All over the truck are red and blue signatures and words of support
from people she’s run into on her cross-country trip. They’re addressed to the people of New York, their eventual destination. There’s a big sign on her grill too, but I don’t remember what it said. Something patriotic. I didn’t sign the truck.

After load in at the Rubber Glove we made Kristin’s Hamburger Helper Hand. I helped Jenny with her autumn costume. Amy was a flamenco dancer, Franklin wore his choir robe, and Jay was a Latino chick magnet. I put my stocking over my head and wore Jenny’s cowboy hat (I was a bank robber). I met a guy at the show who was dressed as a HAZMAT guy. He even had cornstarch in a bag he was going to pretend was anthrax. Jay put pennies on the train tracks, and a train parked on it during our show. We went out to look for them. They were a lot curvier and smashed than mine (from Tucson). During the set Franklin sang a Halloween song, then later took off his choir robe to reveal a sequined cowboy shirt underneath. Amy played castanets. Kristin danced the hamburger helper dance.

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