Jean Takes the Reins!

Disclaimer: I’m not particularly good at writing tour diaries the way you’ve been reading them here - being introspective and able to explain all the changes that happen in your head when you constantly travel from city to city. Being witty and wry and detached and stylish is doesn’t come as easily to us non-lyricists, which is probably why you’ve been hearing mostly from Jenny and Franklin. Below is a typical diary for me - a list of unclever notes of events, places, facts - things I will want help remembering someday when I decide I want to relive being on tour. I’m sharing it because I figure some of you will be curious what happened to us after Arizona. (I tried to fill in some of the blanks where things may not make sense. Maybe Jenny will help me with that, since she has that great non-Jean perspective going on.) -Jean

(Editor�s Note� Jean wrote this before she knew that I had already butchered Tucson, El Paso, and Odessa. The good news for you, gentle reader, is that it�s more tour diary for you and despite common knowledge to the contrary quantity sometimes makes up for quality (or expediency for that matter). Furthermore you will have the luck of comparing and appreciating our different voices immediately. Particularly what Jean has called the �unclever� versus the �introspective�. As far as �unclever� is concerned� I don�t agree. I love the economy in Jean�s writing and speaking style (Our little Hemingway!)� What a contrast to the psychedelic Jean on record. Just
listen to her ending on Charm City and you get a sense that �language-wise� she may be saving up all the nuance and flourish for her violin. Clearly, this is fine with me.)

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