The Taxonomy is an idea put in my head by Peter Jenner.
It’s about taking away the power of media conglomerates to control what we seek out to support and listen to, by making and sharing lists that are built on love, shared interest and integrity in the face of the public lists that too often are based on money and power relationships. I hope you will forgive my awkwardly run-on description of so simple a concept. I hope you will find in these lists something to spark your curiosity.

Many of these titles are available at fair prices from cool indie online stores like othermusic.com and insound.com. While we are removing our attention from the gladhanding, airbrushing and shilling of media rags we might also consider removing our financial support from their consolidated distribution outlets. It’s just as easy to bookmark the cool webstores as the crummy ones… but you know that…

So onward…Today it begins with some of my favorite records for 2001.

(watch for more thourough descriptions in future bloggs)

Andrew Bird/ Swimming Hour
Dismemberment Plan/ Change
Jill Scott/ Who is Jill Scott and Experience
Dave Shouse of the Grifters / New unreleased record
Garland of Hours/ Amy Domingues Solo…also yet to be released
Bill Evans/ From Left to Right
Bebel Gilberto / Remixes
Geoff Farina/ Reverse Eclipse
Aluminium Group/ Pelo
Destroyer/ Streethawk
Tara Jane O Neil /New Retsin, New Solo
Ida / The Braille Night

Best Shows
Danielle Howle and Ida at Gaston Hall at FMC policy Conference
Those Peabody’s on the roof of a keg party somewhere in Austin
Kevin Cordt’s Trio every friday at Mr Henry’s
Kelly Hogan and Nico Case at Iota
Bowl of Fire at “Black Cat Black Cat”
Calexico with full Mariachi “back up” somewhere in LA

Songs that make the cut but not the whole album
India Arie / Supermodel
When the Stars Go Blue / Ryan
Lucinda Williams / Down

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