tonight I get to see Fugazi play outside at Ft Reno.

It’s on the grounds of Wilson High School in DC where a lot of the first generation punks went to school. In the summer they hold these free outdoor concerts run by local kids. It’s right under a radio tower so generally the amps pick up radio stations and the sound is shitty…but it’s a tradition and an honor to get asked to play (we’ll be up there struggling on the 22nd).

Fugazi do one every year and the kids mark their calendars and live in expectation.

Two years back they played in a hurricane like downpour. Kristin and I thought it would be called off but when we arrived there were 600 people standing happily facing the stage in buckets of rain while fugazi played as if nothing was going on (with their electric instruments mind you!). When one of the lights caught on fire and dropped to the stage in a shower of sparks…they called it quits but it was still one of the coolest things I’d ever seen.

Tonight should be less dramatic…but Amy’s back from a 6-week tour and I can’t wait to see her.

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