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Another record to chase down in Amy Domingues first solo outing .
(She’s actually going solo under a band name and she’s going solo with the help of a couple of friends but this is the closest to 100% pure Amy that we’ve seen. Here’s the website so you can get it yourself!!!

And here’s the skinny…
Garland of Hours
Amy Domingues: Vocals, Piano, Cello, Keyboards
Brendan Canty: Bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Jerry Busher: drums, percussion, trumpet, electronics

Track listing:
1) Morning of 2) Katie Cruel 3) The Avenue 4) Word Versus 5) Glass
Waltz 6) Esperance/Annamite 7) Trio

About the Garland
�Always the bridesmaid and never the bride�� that�s how the saying goes. It�s a particularly appropriate one for Amy Domingues and not just because she�s logged hours and years playing critical, if secondary, roles that fleshed out over 40 recordings you love by the bands that were lucky to have her (Fugazi, Jets To Brazil, Mary Timony, Edith Frost, Dead Meadow, Tsunami etc.) The saying frames a larger theme. Our heroine has worked the wedding circuit both metaphorically and literally. She has held the bouquet for indie rock stars but she has also spent many a hot weekend at rented pavilions sawing through a steady course of Pachabell�s Cannon while foreign brides twist elbows with foreign grooms to cake one another.

Always, for Amy music has been fuel�emotional (and financial). Fuel for living, living for more music but that is no surprise to anyone who has seen her play. Amy is a musician�s musician, classically trained, but training is the least of what one notices live when Amy swells above her cello.

For years, those of us who have been privileged to share her stage have wondered when she would shake free of our narratives to take her rightful place at the center of the ceremony. Welcome to our celebration.

About the Album
Garland of Hours� self-titled debut album melds the talents of Amy
Domingues (Telegraph Melts, All Scars, Threnody Ensemble), Brendan
Canty (Fugazi) and Jerry Busher (Fugazi, French Toast, All Scars).
Domingues, who has steps into the songwriter’s limelight in this band as keyboardist/vocalist/cellist. The dark re-telling of ye olde ballad “Katie Cruel” , the questioning tones of “Word Versus” and the cinematic instrumental epic “Esperance/Annamite” are just a few of the songs tapped from the emotional well of the album. This album was recorded by Brendan Canty at his �Blind Spot� home studio from 2000-2002. The album was mixed by Amy and Brendan and was mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya.




Members of the Ida Gang have a great new record out… You will be able to purchase it through the ida website. As per usual… I was asked to write the one sheet.

Nanang Tatang is Filipino for the words Mother Father. Nanang Tatang is also the name of the most recent collaboration between Daniel Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell, cofounders of the NYC band Ida.

After wrapping up a tour with Low in the fall of 2000, Ida took a well-earned break from the road. During the sabbatical Mitchell and Littleton became first time parents and moved to Rhode Island, while band mate Karla Schickele released two solo albums (�Goldfish�& �New Problems�) and toured extensively.

In fits and starts over the past three years Liz and Dan recorded �Muki� at their home studio �ON-ME SOUND�. The time off from performing gave Mitchell and Littleton the space to experiment, �Muki� began humbly enough from Littleton�s rudimentary attempts to engineer and use a drum machine. Year�s later, they looked up from the controls and found they had completed twelve hymns to uncertainty and Nanang Tatang had made their first record. The songs were ultimately mixed and engineered with the help of Warn Defever (HNIA) who has lent his curious ears to a handful of Ida�s previous records.

Those familiar with Littleton and Mitchell�s work in Ida will recognize the introspective songwriting, close vocal harmony, dissonant harmonic structures, spare arrangements, slow tempos and long held tones that have characterized previous releases. Yet this is not an Ida record�from both a production and a songwriting perspective, the template is new.

Primitive drum programming and bossa nova inflected guitar meet electronic waves of harmony and ambient sonics. Harmonium drones blend in with sounds from the woods in upstate New York. The joyful crash of their child tossing tambourines around a NYC apartment blends with solemn tones from a solo performance that Littleton recorded at a temple in Japan.

�Bunny Hop Hop� begins and ends with the sound of their child�s heartbeat in utero. Recorded with a simple contact mic it sounds suspiciously like a dubbed out echoplex cutting across the swelling electronic drone underneath.

�On Me Forever�, begins with a vibe that�s simpatico to Arthur Russell�s pre-disco minimalist compositions before giving way to Mitchell�s seductive and languorous phrasing.

�Wake Up Call� sets complex Robert Wyatt-like melodies over Gilberto-esque dissonant and chromatic guitar voicings. It�s a landscape where Mitchell delivers one of her most subtle and powerful performances.

In �Getting Nowhere� Mitchell imagines � a place where everything could be new� over blasts of viola noise, caveman beats, and dense piano.

At times peaceful and meditative, at other times unsettling and almost claustrophobic in its emotional directness, �Muki� is the work of two musicians who have not tired of pushing themselves into new songwriting and sonic terrain. This testament to the daily struggles one must engage to see, to say and to build intimacy runs counter to the victory culture of America circa 2003. Still, it is exactly this recipe of curious contemplation and aspiration, which draws the blueprint for true transformation and change.

Humans in search of a soundtrack for the certain joy and certain pain of the certain uncertainties of life may now find themselves a seat and press play.

Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton started the band Ida in 1992, and have released 6 full length albums and a number of 7� singles and EPs on various independent labels including Simple Machines, TigerStyle, Bingo, and Time Stereo, to name a few. Their most recent releases on TigerStyle �Will You Find Me�(1999) and �The Braille Night�(2000) were both released to critical acclaim. Most recently, Mitchell has released an underground �cult classic� record of children�s songs �You Are My Sunshine�(2002) on Last Affair Records. She also sang on a Sasha Frere Jones (UI) re-mix of a Tom Ze song (2000). In 2002 Littleton collaborated with Tara Jane Oneil on �Music For A Meteor Shower� (TigerStyle), and toured solo in Japan and in the USA, releasing an instrumental solo recording �Down By The Riverside� and a forthcoming solo record �Nobody�s Fault But Mine�, both of which are (or will be) available from Last Affair Records. He is currently finishing up a massive labor of love, a multiple CD Hated �collection� for Troubleman Unlimited. Mitchell and Littleton live in Providence RI with their daughter. They run Last Affair records out of their home. They are currently working on a new Ida record.

Nanang Tatang Muki LP

1 Bunny Hop Hop
2 On Me Forever
3 R U Ready
4 Wake Up Call
5 Daydreaming (and I�m thinking of U)
6 Booster Shot
7 Hitch the Knot
8 Oldest News
9 Getting Nowhere
10 Can�t Help it
11 The Fullness of Time
12 Last Train Out

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Littleton and Warn Defever
between 2000 and 2003 at ON-ME SOUND in West Saugerties, New York City, Woodstock, and Providence, RI.
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Steve Fallone

additional engineering: Dr. Andrea Dobrenis on �Bunny Hop Hop�

Elizabeth Mitchell - voice
Daniel Littleton - voice, piano, harmonium, guitars, beats, wurlitzer, viola, organ,bass, sounds
Storey - heartbeat

all songs by Nanang Tatang, Last Affair Music 2003 BMI
art and layout - Jodi Buonanno

Thanks to: Lola, Warn, Caroline, Jodi, Jojo, Zenkoji Temple in Osaka and Alison Stewart.