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Amy and I flew west to play at Ladyfest SF

We stayed with my friend Tim Quirk and his lovely wife and daughter Donna and Abby.
Tim plays in a band called Wonderlick with this box of electronic stuff and his friend Jay.

You can find out more about Wonderlick here…

There is a different quality of life in the Quirk household. They live in the hills surrounded by trees in what feels like�well� a tree house. The trees that surround the house are covered in wild plums.

Look how delicious these plums are!

Straight off the tree!

Look how cute Abby is!

This is us taking out the pits. It was twice as fun as smushing pumpkin.

Detail shot!

Then we put it on the stove…

and let it boil up nice!

Donna added the Crumble!

Abby put it in the oven.

I took it out!

Surprise of Surprises… Abby liked it.
It was even more amazing with caramel ice cream!

Thanks for coming by!



Mini tour�

First show was in Philly at The Fire.
Kevin and I drove northward in convoy with Amy through 5 hours of traffic with no air conditioning. We did our best to keep it cool with Niko Case, Rickie Dillard, Jill Scott and Robert Bear Jr. on the (soon to be stolen) CD player.

We met Franklin at Kristin�s house, practiced in the sweltering living room, packed up and loaded into the pleasant neighbor hood bar. Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal at the upscale restaurant next door� (I suppose Kevin and I should have asked how much the twenty-two dollar special was before we had already eaten it?)

Back in the bar I settled into a side-table to try to catch up on some Future of Music business that had accumulated during the day. Much to my chagrin there was a spectacularly drunk fella stumbling about continually hassling me about �This not being school!!� He also tried to dance with me a bit.

I told him to �get off!��first nicely�then less so.
He backed off for a while but then he touched my computer. Of course THEN�he had to be thrown out. After a stern talking to from the bartender he came over to within an inch of my face and screamed �BYE!� and then (almost crying) slammed the door behind him. I felt better when the bartender told me he�d been thrown out the previous evening as well.

Once the work was done I perfected my new eyeball portrait technique. (Oooooh Flashy!)





Chris Lee played a nice set, as did the Mendoza Line. We played last. Since we had Kevin and Franklin we did a bunch of songs from Tempting. There was one moment in the middle of �Inarticulate Boyfriend� where Kevin made a fart sound with his trumpet that stopped the song in its tracks. I don�t remember much else besides the awkward feeling I get singing Franklin songs and not knowing what to do with my arms. Maybe when we tour the record I�ll use those songs as an opportunity to catch up on my knitting.

This was upstairs above the bar.
Mustard and bran? Anyone know about the origins of this condiment?

Afterwards it was off to Kristin�s house for a comfy floor and a blaring fan.

Next Morning�Philly

Brian and Kristin are opening a restaurant around the corner�we got the insider tour.
We saw the saloon doors

Howdy Partner

Howdy yourself!

these are pieces of a two hundred year old bar that they bought on ebay

Ghostly images on my digital camera�is the restaurant haunted?

When they bought the building they got the grease from the grease trap for free!

In the back there are live fig trees! I love everything fig!

Kevin doesn�t eat figs but he looks good next to them.

Then we went to the incredible Italian Market that is just a few blocks from �DelBocavista� which is Kristin�s house.

You can�t beat a lifestyle where you live near several �all cheese� shops.
It doesn�t get much better�

Italian Market

unless of course they are also named after you.

Village Underground�Underwater

We high-tailed it to NYC to drop off the equipment and explore the city.

Does Franklin Dare?

The boys disappeared into The Village�and I ran uptown for an FMC meeting but first they snapped this shot of me standing in front of this enormous digital mobile shoe ad.

Dr. J (T)

When I stepped out of the meeting it was headfirst into monsoon rain. I jogged a block and was soaked through beyond care. I considered walking downtown through the downpour. For a while I followed an eccentric drug-addled and actorly fella that looked remarkably like Benicio Del Toro. He was wearing a robin�s egg, blue wool suit with a high vest and he was trying desperately to keep his cigarette dry in the downpour. He got two or three drags before flicking it to the ground.

I followed him down a couple blocks and then turned into the subway� The rain flooded the steps and the tunnel, which was so cramped with people I wondered if we were experiencing some sort of terrorist attack.

Back in the Village, I escaped the subway and found a few minutes of shelter in a store that instantly closed due to flooding sending me back out into the storm. By the time I got to the Village Underground twenty minutes later there was a half a foot of water on the floor and talk of a canceled show.

The Mendoza Line had saved the gear by stacking it up on high ground�we then escaped for pizza. I later checked my email at an odd black-light and relaxing pleather sofa-filled Chinese-restaurant/internet caf� to check my mail.

Once I got past the Firemen who were blocking the street for fear of manhole explosions I made my way to the club for a glass of fizzy cake (Vanilla Stoli, Club Soda and a Cherry). The show was great. We didn�t� have Amy but we got Jean. There were half a dozen monitors up around the club with allowed me the disturbing opportunity to watch myself sing.

Kevin left to take the train home and Franklin and I escaped back to Jean�s to sleep in Brooklyn.


It was an early morning for the Toomey Trinity. The remaining members of the Band
had big plans.

Geoff Farina and Jodi Bonano bought an old grange house with no pluming in Rhode Island and turned it into a functioning art colony. In residence for the summer were my old housemate Photographer Pat Graham and his Photographer wife� Melanie Standage. (who is also a web genius ) They were working on this show�
And here�s an interview with them
For more info on the Grange project you can go to

What you need to know is that they have the coolest bathtub I have ever seen.

Once you�ve nestled up against warm copper you won�t go back to porcelain.

After the tour of the music studio and the painting studio and the photography studio we made a b-line to the beach

Puff Jodi


Melanie was dancing in the water

So was I

Then Jodi got into it

I can�t say much about Boston. We played a big show we had a lot of fun. We ate liquid garlic and I took these photos of the cook sisters.


By the time we got to DC we were quite tired,
(It�s about a nine-hour drive to DC from Boston)

Heather came to see us.

I think Franklin sums it up here best.