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I went to a cafe in Nicaragua that is also a zoo with a snake pit. This is one of the animals they had that I will probably never again see. I like to call him “Nosey”. He looked kind of like an anteater with a pig nose and long thin claws with which he slapped my camera a second after this photo was taken. (Good for him.) The restaurant specializes in serving unusual and wild animals.
You can order armadillo to eat.

I could never eat Armadillo (an not just because of the leprosy) but because of an episode of This American Life that was so unbearably strange and sad it raised Armadillos to a sort of martyred class. I just went looking for it… but the search engine has no matches for armadillo.



I am back from Nashville having conquered the bigger and better, as attached photo should show. I ran out of film before I could document the impressive Sisyphusian donut conveyer and the woman with a hairnet and festive plastic stick endlessly filling the flimsy cardboard boxes. I’ll admit the smell was anything but Kafkaesque.


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