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Finished the speech after a marathon of work with Kristin and managed to download the PowerPoint within 20 minutes of the first speaking event at AU. It was a great beginning. There were a ton of students and friends that came by. Even Prof David Post who will be hosting the speaking tour at Temple University next week came to wish us luck and with folks like Jay Rosenthal, John Simpson, Ann Chenovitz, Peter Jazi and Richard and Maureen Harrington in the audience I was able to get all the critique I needed. Folks seemed to like the funny PowerPoint that Kristin built and most stayed for the entire hour and 5 minute presentation if not for the interesting panel discussion afterward. Now if there was only an easier way to drag this kind of discussion into the rock clubs where it could do some real good. It will be interesting to see how it goes over in Manchester England this weekend. My experience living in England for a year in college makes me optimistic that the audience will have a greater understanding of the dangers of privatizing information. We’ll see maybe we can drag some of that sentiment back across what feel like incredibly porous boarders these days.



It’s sunday and I’m procrastinating. I should be writing the speech for the tour but instead I’m building out a template for the tour that starts a month from yesterday.